Advanced features

The screen element offers a certain number of objects that can be added and altered, and we'll be adding new features from time to time.

Text options

You cannot only turn text objects into speech bubbles, there are some more options that may be useful to attract the attention of your readers.

Note that you can also make the object box transparent, which means that you may simly write text onto the background (a frame border will still be shown in editing mode).

Click on the setup icon to make changes to an object.

Here you can see some of the available options:

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Markers and flags

Markers and flags are great to point users to specific areas or elements on your screenshot. Both objects are available via the flag icon on the screen editor menubar  (the one that says "markers" when you move your mouse pointer over it).

You may change the size of your marker to make it fit around an icon, a box or any other element (it may be square or rectangular). Note that the marker border is always transparent so you can still see what's hidden underneath.

Flags and markers can be moved on your screen by dragging them with your mouse pointer.

Don't forget to press the green save button to save your changes!

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Adding images

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