Web project
Web Project
january 23, 2015
Web book
Web Book
june 15, 2014
june 13, 2014

eBook: Wiki Features

Check out the Wiki Features eBook that will tell you about the most important wiki types and features available on oli.lu.
Note that this web based ebook has also been created using the wiki tools on this platform!

Welcome to the Wiki Web Publisher

  • Use the Wiki Web Publisher to publish texts, projects, courses and much more on the web - without any technical knowledge!
  • Students and teachers publish their own works and share them with their class, their school, the community or even the public.
  • You can easily publish texts, images, galleries, videos and other content. The Wiki Web Publisher is very easy to use, even elementary school kids should be able to create content with it.
  • The Wiki Web Publisher has been optimized for group work, multiple users can work on the same project at the same time.
  • You can edit your work everywhere, anytime and using any device you only need an internet connection. You may even switch computers without having to worry about where your work has been stored.
  • Stop wasting time to search for texts, files, floppy disks, USB sticks, networks or servers.

Wiki Types

Web project

  • Build your own wiki project websites on oli.lu, without any technical knowledge.
  • Personalize the look of your projects.
  • Add pages, images, videos and files.


  • Your own, personal homepage wiki on oli.lu, offering all the features available with web projects.
  • http://oli.lu/users/username/wiki/

School website

  • Your own powerful and dynamic school or classroom website.
  • Customize your website design, connect your own domain.
  • DIY - no technical knowledge required!

Web book

  • A wiki project that looks like a real double sided book!
  • You may add images, videos, files and more.


  • Write your own multimedia online book.
  • Organize chapters and pages in a hierarchical tree.


  • Create tutorials to show and teach other people how things work!


  • Create your own online courses.
  • Organize chapters and pages in a hierarchical tree.

Photo novella

  • Create a browsable photo album.
  • Add speach bubbles, notes and images.


  • A browsable image album that serves as a storyboard.

Web newspaper

  • A wiki project that looks and behaves like a newspaper!
  • You may add images, videos, files and more!


  • Create your own online presentations on oli.lu.


  • Manage your own online portfolio.
  • Organize your pages and files in a hierarchical tree.