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  • A Mouse , plural mice , is a small rodent.
  • The best known Mouse species is the common house mouse .
  • Mice are also popular as pets.
  • In some places, certain kinds of field mice are locally common.
  • Mice are typically distinguished from rats by their size.
  • Generally, when a muroid rodent is discovered, its common name includes the term mouse if it is smaller, or rat if it is larger.
  • The common terms rat and mouse are not taxonomically specific.
  • Typical mice are classified in the genus Mus, but the term mouse is not confined to members of Mus and can also applies to species from other genera such as the deer Mouse, Peromyscus.
  • Domestic mice sold as pets often differ substantially in size from the common house mouse.
  • Cats, wild dogs, foxes, birds of prey, snakes and even certain kinds of arthropods have been known to prey heavily upon mice.
  • In certain contexts, mice can be considered vermin.
  • Vermin are a major source of crop damage, as they are known to cause structural damage and spread disease.
  • Mice spread disease through their feces and are often carriers of parasites.
  • In North America, breathing dust that has come in contact with Mouse excrement has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome .


the mouse
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