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All images have first been drawn by hand, using a pencil on a standard A4 template paper featuring six 8x8 cm squares. We then copied those templates onto larger A3 paper before drawing the strokes by hand using a black pen.
The A3 sheets have then been scanned, the scans were split into separate images and the drawings were aligned on a grid. The strokes were finetuned and corrected using Adobe Photoshop.
The images have been coloured using an Apple iPad Pro acting as second screen and a graphic pen tabled connected to an Apple MacBook Pro running Adobe Photoshop. Finally the images were added to our database on, and we named and tagged each image in four langauges.
The initial image database featuring over 1.500 images went online in January 2018.
In 2021, the database received a major update, adding 1.300 further images.
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