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Riverbend cave
Guila naquitz
Paintings from
Torhola cave
Taino petroglyph
Rutherford hill
Sudama cave
Giraffe cave art
Areni cave entrance
Domica cave 22
Painted cave
Big four glacier
Bat cave in
Scavenger feast
Lilibeo. cave
Gas scavenging
Gypsum speleothem
Royal family
Maya cave tocharian
Kizilgaha cave
Scavenger feast
Beaumes de venise
Jean baptiste
Cave of altamira
Cavelleria rusticana
Ellora cave
Rhinos chauvet
Minoan labrys
Indian boar
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aller à la cave
to go to te basement
in den Keller gehen
descendre à la cave
to descend to the basement
la cave
der Keller