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With the library web app you can manage your own class or school library.
You can have multiple libraries, and it is also possible to have separate libraries for your class, school, e.g. Put on school materials.
If you add books or other media, the library can automatically search the Internet for information such as Search for title, author, or cover images.
The library supports barcode readers, and you can also print labels or lists.
The rental can also be managed, you can keep track of who borrowed this item.
On you can not only create libraries for your school or class, in fact every member of the platform can also create their own private libraries (see the library on the left in the menu right after logging in).

Access to your class libraries

Teachers can add, edit or delete articles, and they can also manage rentals.
Students can search for articles in the library.

Create new library

As a teacher, you can open as many school or class libraries on as you want.
Go to your virtual class and then click on the library web app.
Click on "new library" above, here you can then create a new library that will be available immediately.

Manage articles

Open the library web app and then click on "edit / manage". Here you can add, edit or delete articles, and you can also manage the rental here.
You can add a new article by inserting the title / name of the article in the green line.
You can also scan the barcode directly into the ISBN field to search for an article online.
A click on "add" starts the standard online search for the article.
A click on "add manually" bypasses the online search and inserts the article without further information.
Click on "edit" to change an article or to enter further data for the article.
All information about an item is optional, so you do not have to fill out all the information.
You can also manually upload a cover image for your article.
Click "delete" to remove an article from the library.
Click on "Status" to manage the rental. Here you can specify who borrowed the item and for how long the item should be borrowed.
Each article is entered once in the library, even if there are several copies.
If there are several copies of an article, you only have to enter the information once.
In the article list you can immediately see how many copies of an article exist and how many of them are currently available.

Manage users

If you want members of the platform to be able to borrow items from your library, you must add these members to your library.
You can add individual members manually.
You can also add whole classes with all teachers and students.
If you run a class library, just add your own class.
If your library is a school library, add multiple classes or the whole school.


You can print out book lists and labels (including barcodes).