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Evaluation & Portfolios

This web app does two things:
As a teacher you can set up assessment sheets (grades) for your class, fill them out online, and also print them out.
All students can have their own online portfolio here, which can be updated at any time by both the teachers and the students themselves

Assessment sheets / grades

The subjects of your assessment sheets are automatically taken from the subject settings that you made in the class book.
You can freely define the goals of your students per subject, and it is possible to specify both main goals and sub-goals of a main goal.
You can specify goals for your class, for student groups, or for individual students, so that the assessment sheets can be completely customized.


Before you start working, you must first make the basic settings of the web app.
Open the web app and then click on "Settings" at the top.
First specify the period for which your reviews should be applied. Does no class work with school years, semesters, trimesters or quarters?
Then enter the respective start and end dates of each time period.
Save your changes.
Now you have to specify which methods you want to use. You can set up to 9 different methods, with the following basic options available:
percentages (e.g. 0 to 100)
point (e.g. 0 to 20)
letters (e.g. A to F)
positive / negative
steps (e.g. 5 steps to reach a goal)
yes / no

Enter evaluation form

As a teacher, you can freely design your assessment sheets, and you can specify as many goals and sub-goals as you want for each subject.
The subjects are taken directly from your settings from the class book.
Click on "edit" above to get to the evaluation sheet editor.
Enter the desired goals for each subject, each with a code and title.
For each goal you can choose which of your predefined assessment methods should be used and which students (group) the goal refers to.
You can make a goal a sub-goal by clicking on the blue "move" icon and then selecting a main goal.
Click "Page Break" between the trays where you want a new page to start printing.

rate students

As soon as you have made the settings and entered a rating sheet, as a teacher you can start rating your students.
Click on the name of the student you want to rate.
For each individual goal you can choose whether it should be evaluated.
You can give a rating for each goal according to the rating method you have chosen for this goal.
Save your changes.

Print evaluation sheets

Click "print" at the top of the tabs to print student assessment sheets as a PDF document.
You can generate a common PDF document with all assessment sheets of all students, but you can also choose individual students.


All students in your virtual class can have one or more portfolios.
Portfolios are mini websites per se, which can contain several pages with sections and different content (texts, images, documents, videos, ...).
By default, students can edit their own portfolios.
Teachers always have read and write rights on all portfolios.
The portfolio editor technically corresponds to the editor for online projects, so the operation is almost identical.
As soon as students get along with one editor, they can easily use the other editors.
Further information about the editor can be found on the help page of the online projects.


Once you create a class blog, class website, or school website, you may also share information about your school, class, and maybe even your students.
As a teacher and / or as the creator of a website on you are obliged to abide by local, regional, national and international guidelines and laws.
Before you create websites as part of your teaching activity, you should always first discuss this with your supervisor (if available).
Please read all pages on security, privacy and data protection on before you start building a website.