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Targets & Assignments

With this web app, teachers and students can manage learning goals and tasks that are not part of a work or weekly schedule.
Goals and / or tasks can be assigned to individual students, groups, or even the entire class.
Each student always has their own list of tasks and assignments that still have to be completed or goals that are still to be achieved.
So all students always see immediately what work still has to be done, teachers also always have a complete overview of the entire class.

New task

Both teachers and students can add new goals and tasks. As a student, however, you can only ever create tasks for yourself, not for other students.
Click on "new task" to open the task window.
Choose a code and a title for your task, optionally you can also provide a description and / or instructions.
For teachers only: Choose whether the task should apply to the entire class, to a single student or to a group of students.
You can choose the task type and a subject. The subjects are taken over directly from the settings in your class book.
You can choose how important / which priority the task should have.
Finally, you can also specify whether the task should start immediately and by when it should be completed.
Click on "add" and the task will be distributed to all specified students.


On the start page of the app you will see a list of all students, and for each student you will see the number of current tasks (open, in progress, completed) and the current progress (percentages).
Only teachers see all students, as a student you only see your own status.
The color of the students also reveals the current progress (from red via yellow to green[/light green]).
At the top left you can see the current status of the entire class as a teacher, you can also filter by group or progress.
At the bottom left you see as a teacher the list of students sorted by progress.
Since all students can have individual goals and tasks, the progress of the students is of course not suitable for comparing performance.

Update status of tasks

Click on a student to see all of that student's goals and tasks.
In the list of tasks of the student you can also see how far the respective tasks have progressed.
You can directly change the status of each task here and hold it with a click on "save".
If you click on the task, all settings and options of the task are displayed, which you can then also adjust.

delete task

Possibility 1: Click on the student, then on the task to be deleted, and then select "delete."
Option 2: Click on "Tasks" at the top, then search for the task to be deleted and click on the "delete" icon.

Tasks as tickets on the virtual board

For all students, the tasks can be shown on a virtual board, so progress can be visualized very easily.
First click on a student and then on the "Blackboard" button.
Tasks or goals on the left margin have not yet started.
Tasks or goals on the left side are still in their early stages.
Tasks or goals on the right side are well advanced.
Tasks or goals on the right margin have been completed.
Tasks or goals above on the board have a high priority / importance.
Tasks or goals below on the board have a low priority / importance.
You can reposition the tasks and goals directly with the mouse on the board and then save the current status of the board.