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Virtual classroom

Online Projects

Students and teachers can create their own online projects directly in the virtual class, which has several advantages:
You can work on your projects anytime, anywhere, all you need is access to a computer / laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Since all projects are stored in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about which device you want to save something on, and you can no longer lose content.
You can easily switch between different computers or devices while you are working on your projects, and backups of your projects are also made automatically.
Several teachers and students can work on a project from different devices at the same time, as long as they either work on different pages or sections of the project.
Pupils can continue to work on their projects after school without files e.g. on USB sticks.
Projects are in themselves small, editable websites (so-called "wikis") that can be created by teachers and students without any programming knowledge.
Projects can contain several pages, which can also be structured. Each page can contain several sections, sections can in turn represent text, photos, documents, videos or other content.
There are different project types for different purposes (e.g. website, book, picture story, ...)
The project editor corresponds to the homepage, website and portfolio editor. So if you are familiar with an editor, you can also use all of these apps.
Finished projects can be published on the class / school website.

Create new project

Go to the "Projects" web app and click on "new".
Give your project a name and choose a project type.
Under "more" you can e.g. decide who can edit your project.
Click on "add" and your project is ready to use.

Add and structure pages

Your project can consist of one or more pages. For most project types, it will be easy to navigate through these pages, and you can also include an automatically generated table of contents as a section.
If you want to use several pages, then click on "Pages" in the project editor.
You can now add, rename or delete pages.
You can also organize pages in a hierarchical tree structure:
Select the side you want to move, then click the blue icon with the arrows.
All available target pages now have a target as an icon.
Select the side under which your page should be moved and then click on its target.

Add and structure sections

There can be multiple sections on each page of your project. You can easily add sections by clicking on the green bar.
Try to insert sections directly in the right place, although the sections can also be rearranged later.
There are a larger number of possible sections that you can choose freely, including:
Photo galleries
Note that there is actually no difference between text, image, document, video or audio sections. It is always the same text section type, to which you can always add a document (image, PDF, video, sound, ...).