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Virtual classroom

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With the virtual class, teachers and students can easily create, revise, manage and publish content.
Students and teachers can create texts with the text editor of the virtual class. The editing system enables quick and efficient management of all texts.
Students and teachers can upload photos and other files under "Media & Documents". The file management allows documents to be uploaded, created, edited or deleted.
Pupils and teachers can create their own online projects, which can contain multiple pages with texts, images, videos, documents and much more.
Teachers can create their own class and school websites, on which messages, texts, photos and other content can also be published automatically.
All content is stored in the cloud and is therefore always and everywhere available for all members of the virtual class.
The corresponding web apps are in the first row in your virtual class:
  • With the text editor students can write texts at school or at home. The texts are stored in the cloud, i.e. all students have access to all of their texts at any time, no matter where they are and no matter what device they use on Once a student has saved a text, the teacher can review or improve it from their computer. The text editor is designed as an editorial system, so that you always have an overview of all texts.
  • With the Documents & Media app (file management), students and teachers can upload and manage their documents (photos, texts, PDFs, other formats ...). Each user has their own folder, but there are also e.g. public order for documents to be published on the class or school website. Images and photos are automatically compressed and optimized, and you can edit images directly online (e.g. rotate, but also e.g. draw on them or blacken faces).
  • With the online projects, students and teachers can create their own wikis, which consist of several pages and can contain elements such as texts, images, tables, videos, documents, etc. Wikis are mini websites that can be created and edited online independently without additional programs and programming knowledge. Students can e.g. Create your own mini websites on various topics or projects.
  • With Blog & Web you can run your own blog (news feed) for your class. Messages can contain text, photos, videos and PDF documents. You can also set up your class homepage via this app, so that e.g. Parents or friends can follow the activities of the class. If your school has a website, your blog entries and other content (e.g. student texts) can also be published there directly.