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The virtual class is a powerful environment for teachers and students, which offers a whole range of useful web applications for productive everyday school life.
With your virtual class, teachers and students can ...
Create, manage and publish content (text editor, file management, online projects, class and school website, ...)
Create and manage tasks, track and evaluate progress (worksheets & online exercises, goals & tasks, work and weekly plans, evaluations & portfolios, ...)
Manage important elements of the class (class book, calendar, virtual school, class and school library, ...)
You can see the currently available web apps of the virtual class here:

Where can I find my virtual class?

After logging in, you will see your virtual classes on the right side of your screen.
If you are a teacher and don't have a virtual class yet, you can create one now. You can add new virtual classes at any time, and you can be active in multiple virtual classes at the same time.
Even as a student, you can see your virtual classes on the right. If you are not in a class yet, a teacher can add you, or you can apply for membership.
As a student you should not create a virtual class for your school class, this should always be done by a teacher!


If you click on your virtual class, you will get to the start page of your class. Here is what you see:
On the left are the web apps of the virtual class, with these you can ...
  • Create, manage and publish content (1st row),
  • Create and manage tasks and work plans and document progress (2nd row),
  • Manage your class register, calendar, school and library (3rd row).
On the right side you will find your class feed, in which you can always see what is going on in the class (current texts, documents, publications, tasks, etc.).
There are some tabs at the top with which you can call up important basic functions of your virtual class:
  • Feeds (communication tool for students and teachers within the class)
  • Help pages
  • Class assistant (only for teachers, helps with the basic settings of your virtual class)
  • Settings of your virtual class (only for teachers)
  • In addition, (optional) links to your school and class websites are displayed here

Before you start ...

... you should make sure that it is configured correctly. Further information can be found here on the page "Settings".
... you should definitely read the information on data protection on the page "Security & Privacy"!