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If you have created a Schoul website with oli.lu, there will also be one or more administrators of this website.
Every teacher can become a website admin, while school administrators are not automatically website administrators.
You can add admins in the website administration under "Users & Classes"> "Administrators".
For each admin, you can separately determine which websites in your area they should have access to.
Website admins usually don't have much to do - as soon as the website is configured correctly, all content from teachers can be integrated into the website via their virtual classes (via the "Blog & Web" web app). [/light green]
Website admins just have to make sure that the website's static information is always up to date:
If there is a widget with important dates on your page, you should update it regularly as an admin.
Check your school's contact information at the beginning of each school year.
When changing personnel, the corresponding information may have to be changed.
If there are class lists on your website, they may also have to be updated (or checked if they are generated from the School widget).
Ideally, there is a blog widget on the homepage of your website that is fed from the virtual classes, so your website is always up-to-date and almost never has to be updated manually by admins.
Photo galleries (or a photo area) should also be automated, ideally via a gallery section, which can then use the feed option to generate the galleries dynamically from the virtual classes. This way, photos and galleries appear automatically on the website, without manual intervention by an admin.
Class blogs, texts, timetables, etc. can also be automatically taken from the virtual classes, using the Virclass widget. Each class has its own dynamic area on your school website and is always up to date without the need for an admin to intervene.
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